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Warmth from head to foot wins acclaim: The combination of the Mezzalama Alpha PTC Jacket and Pants from DYNAFIT has won the 2015 Polartec Apex Award. Each year, the fabric manufacturer gives recognition to particularly innovative styles that are made with Polartec® performance material. This year, apparel developers at the mountain and ski touring specialist DYNAFIT were thrilled about the prize for the technical combination of the jacket and pants. The insulating pants and jacket were developed especially for racers as part of the partnership between DYNAFIT and the Mezzalama ski touring race.

They are part of the 2015-16 winter collection.

The Mezzalama Alpha PTC Jacket and Pants were developed with an eye to create total lightweight insulation and breathability. Uses: The jacket and pants are for backcountry skiing and alpine competition as well as for mountain training. The jacket is filled with 100 gm ofPolartec® Alpha Insulation and yet it only weighs a mere 299 grams. The Mezzalama Alpha Pants is filled with 60 gm of Polartec® insulation and weighs in at only 340 grams.

Aside from its insulating ability, the style also provides weather protection with its windproof and water-resistant shell material. Other features of the set that played a part in the award were the athletic cut, thumbholes on the sleeves, as well as their small pack size.

In addition, the materials of the Mezzalama Alpha PTC Jacket and Pants are certified by bluesign, which recognizes the sustainable production of soft goods.

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